5 GTA Mods You Need to Try

GTA modding became popular and accessible with the wildly successful Grand Theft Auto III released in May 2002. Today, various modifications can be implemented unofficially in GTA Online –– such as vehicles, locations, and even different types of gameplay. These add-ons are created by modders who zip the files together into apps to make it easier for gamers to install them. And due to increasing demands for these mods, new ones are always surfacing. Fortunately, they can easily be integrated in-game by using an online service that hasn’t been banned (yet). Meanwhile, mod menus are already undetected by bans.

 If you’re looking for recommendations on GTA mods you should try, here are a few you should consider:

Ghost Rider

Ghost Rider is an action platformer game that was released in 2007. The game’s basic plot is that the Ghost Rider (a Marvel Comics character) is tasked with chasing renegade demons. And the demonic motorcycle used in the game is something you can now use in GTA in all its fiery glory. You can also fire flame-infused bullets and fireballs and use a flaming chain and flamethrower. As for the motorcycle, it can ride on walls and water and has extra braking force. It also creates a small explosion when it hits the ground. All in all, it’s a blast to make use of within the world of GTA.

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Diamond Resort

The Diamond Resort features first-class amenities, such as valet parking, bars and lounges, and gaming facilities. In addition, there are table games you’d expect to see at a real casino that you can play within the game. This means you can try your luck at a few games of roulette or take a few spins on the slot machines. Most of all, though, it means you have access to very realistic poker games. You can sit down against opponents, bet in-game money, and learn to gauge situations and calculate poker odds the same way you would if you began to frequent a real-life game. You’ll learn what to do with good cards and a given bet on the table, all with the illusion –– because of that valuable in-game cash for your character –– of real stakes.

Four Dragons Hotel

The Four Dragons Hotel has an East Asian theme and makes for another full-fledged in-game entertainment offering. There’s a central bar, a dining area, and a golden Buddha statue that help to establish an atmosphere. Security personnel are also programmed to attack players who behave violently in the game (which will happen –– this is GTA, after all). You can also get into playable games, such as wheels of fortune, slot machines, video poker, and blackjack. You can also try out some real-world lightning roulette strategies to see if they work out and land your character a jackpot –– without risking real money, of course. (The basic strategy calls for simply betting on every number.)

Complex Control

Complex Control is an extreme gameplay overhaul mod: 1,500 hours of solo development has resulted in 100 character skins, 55 balanced abilities, and roguelite, permadeath, and battle royale mechanics. THEAETIK, the creator, has made GTA more interesting by giving players different kits every run. This means you respawn with a new avatar with new abilities, and a custom algorithm decides the spawning location. The mod also offers a custom user interface, a stats page, and more. This mod has you covered if you want an unpredictable and exciting game.

Natural Vision Remastered

This mod is an ambitious but impressive visual adjustment. There are changes in environmental weather, lighting systems, ambient colors, and tone mapping to make it all look more realistic. Razed, the creator, was inspired by the realistic graphics of games like Forza Horizon 3 and Watch Dogs. Some 1,200 hours of work on the project — with 40 hours of researching video footage, photographs, and looking at Google maps for Los Angeles and the Salton Sea — has resulted in realistic visuals for GTA.

 There are more mods still, but these are among the most significant and enjoyable ones you can find for GTA today.


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